5 Must-Have Crypto Portfolio Trackers for Every HODLer

Hey, you crypto-lovers! If you’re dedicated to your crypto games and are a serious investor, then you understand how crucial it is to track your portfolio. No matter if you’re a day-trader or a long-term hodler, using a reliable crypto portfolio tracker is essential to keep track of your investment.

There are numerous options available it’s hard to decide which one is the best. This is why I’ve compiled this list of the top five cryptocurrency portfolio trackers that every HODLer ought to take a look at.

Best Crypto Portfolio Trackers


Blockfolio is an extremely well-liked choice for crypto traders, and with reasons that are well-founded. It’s available on iOS and Android and is extremely simple to use. Simply enter your portfolio, and it’ll show you the breakdown of your investments, as well as the market value at the moment.

One of the great advantages of Blockfolio is the fact that it gives real-time price updates, which means you’ll always know how much your portfolio is worth. Additionally, it has news feeds, so you’ll be up to with the latest cryptocurrency news.


If you’re seeking a more thorough tracker, then the CoinTracking is the right choice for you. Alongside monitoring an investment portfolio, the app provides a variety of tools to report tax information and the tracking of profit and loss.

One of the most exciting aspects regarding CoinTracking is it permits users to import trades from diverse exchanges, which means you will have a complete overview of the portfolio. Additionally, it comes with a useful tool that lets you see how your portfolio is performing over time, which is very useful for studying the investment strategy you are using.

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Delta is another option for both advanced and beginner traders. It’s accessible both iOS as well as Android It also provides real-time price updates, news, and an array of other options.

One of the most appealing aspects that is great about Delta is the fact that it lets users to create price alerts to notify you whenever your favorite coins are at the price of a specific amount. Delta also features a intuitive and clean interface making it simple for you to utilize even when unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.


If you’re looking for a tracking tool that goes beyond portfolio management, then the CryptoCompare could be the best solution for you. Apart from monitoring the portfolio of your clients, this software gives you a variety of resources for comparing and researching various exchanges and coins.

One of the best things about CryptoCompare is that it comes with an element of social which lets you meet other crypto enthusiasts and discuss your views on various crypto coins. Additionally, it has an abundance of learning resources which makes it a fantastic alternative for traders who are new and are looking to gain more knowledge about crypto.


Then, of course there is CoinMarketCap. It’s a must-have for anyone who trades in crypto. It’s likely to be the most popular and well-known crypto tracker there.

Apart from keeping track of you portfolio’s performance, CoinMarketCap offers real-time price updates and market cap rankings as well as a wealth of other information. It’s also extremely simple to use, making it an excellent choice for those who are new to the market.

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Here you are you guys – the top five digital portfolio monitors that each HODLer must take a look at. If you’re a novice or a seasoned trader, there’s something to suit all. Be sure to do your own research before choosing the best tracker for you. Have fun trading!